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Advice – Refugees Welcome

Advice – Refugees Welcome

Are you looking for answers to a question, or explanation of how things work?

We give general advice and information for asylum seekers.

We can help in all cases concerning the asylum process and family reunification for refugees. 

Before the interview with Immigration Service, we can prepare you and explain the procedure for you. We can also recommend a good lawyer before you go to the Refugee Appeals Board. If you have been rejected, we can explain your options to you, and in some cases help with a complaint.

We will handle your case confidentially, and we have no connection to the authorities.



If you can’t find the answer on our website, or you need help, there are different ways to contact us directly.

Call us anytime on the phone +45 5055 8011.
Write an e-mail to us at kontakt@refugeeswelcome.dk
Or write a message to us on our Facebook page, we try to answer the same day.


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